My name is Samuel...

...and this is what happened so far.

In search of my own path, I took a few detours to get to where I am today: a graduate product and industrial designer with an eye for the wholeness of a project and its multiple stakeholders.

Life before design
I started my career in 2007 as a trained merchant in finance at Red Bull AG. This was followed by very exciting positions at Apple Switzerland AG, Tamedia AG (TX Group AG), Swiss International Airlines AG and UBS AG among others. Direct multilingual customer contact, a strong understanding of ICT, sales management and marketing project planning are just some of the areas of knowledge I was able to acquire. As an industrial designer, I can therefore draw on a broad wealth of experience.

The path to design
In 2016, I laid the foundation for my design education with the Design Propaedeutic at the ZHdK, Zurich. In 2021 I successfully obtained my bachelor's degree in product and industrial design at the HGK FHNW, Basel. My successful graduation was followed by an internship in Innovation Management at IWB Industrielle Werke Basel in 2022. There I took on various design tasks and expanded my knowledge in methods of business field development and innovation in sustainable building supply.
Some other milestones so far are:

Collaboration with VELT to develop a new sneaker concept
Collaboration with EGGS Design to develop new strategies of inclusive design
3rd place Mibelle Group Packaging Challenge (non public design competition for sustainable packaging)
Part-time self-employment in Design & Innovation

And now...
Presently, I am working as a independent supporting partner for an emerging HPC company on the development of a sustainable cloud ecosystem. In parallel, I develop design solutions for clients in product development as well as in visual communication.

If you would like to know more about me and what I am currently working on, don't hesitate to contact me. I am fluent in German, French and English.

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